Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Ya Gotta Believe:

Michelle mentions:
" of my favorite kinds of shopping--organizer shopping. i love going on a spree of rubbermaid containers and drawer organizers. in my world i believe that the mere act of purchasing these items will ensure the immediate and continual organization of the entire house. and this will work one day, i am sure of it."

I also like to buy or otherwise obtain containers to contain my vast array of stuff. I was browsing an online store today, trying to decide whether to purchase the 224 CD notebook or the even larger one that holds more CDs than most people will ever own. I've already brought home from work several boxes that are a pretty good size for holding several CDs in their jewel cases. I do put the CDs in these boxes, but fail to organize them by any system which would help me to find any of them again. I have four of these boxes, plus several shelves full of CDs (the shelves are arranged in rough alphabetical order, i.e. the A's are near the beginning and the Z's are near the end) and then there are the CDs which I've removed from their jewel cases already and placed in one of those notebooks, mostly without the accompanying leaflets. These are only CDs that have the track listings printed right on the CD itself. I need to know the track listings so I can choose what to play on my radio show.

Anyhow, as you can perhaps tell, I need to get these CDs organized in a better fashion. And my CDs take up a relatively small amount of space compared to my books, only some of which are on shelves, and vinyl LPs, some of which are on the floor. Not to mention my collections of various knicknacks, my clothes, my rock collection, my nativity sets with added angels and animals, my ten plastic Christmas trees with ornaments, my collection of posters and prints and original artworks by struggling artists (some of these are on the wall, but I'm running out of wall space), and all my other stuff.

I tend to hope, as Michelle does, that purchasing organizational tools will suffice to miraculously organize my possessions, yea even my life. At least my dog is small and doesn't require a lot of paraphernalia.

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