Monday, February 28, 2005

Middle Aged Cool: Dress Boutique

Middle Aged Cool: Dress Boutique

"Middle Aged Cool" is the name of her blog. "Cripes, Suzette" is what it says right on the top of the page. I wish I could come up with something cleverer than "MB's Blog." But I wasn't sure what I'd be blogging about, and just wanted to get started.

I love the photos of the formal gowns and Suzette's comments. And the one she calls "clown dress," I'd wear it! I think the bright colors are beautiful.

Clown Dress

Maybe I'd need to lose a few pounds first!

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Steven Rubio's Online Life: the 365 days project

Steven Rubio's Online Life: the 365 days project

Steven says a couple of his favorites from the early entries on the 365 Days Project are "I'm A Mormon" followed by "Understanding Marx."

One of my favorites from the period of February 16-28 is a really out of tune, out of any KEY version of "Up, Up and Away" which is so wrong it has its own charm. Give it a listen and see what you think.

The Myron Floren "Disco Polka" is an accordion gem.

The entire listing of entries is here:

Some of my other favorites: "Christmas on the Moon" (in March 1-15) and the Singing Mariners "Holly Holy" (November 16-30). A little kid sings the first one, and a chorus of young men along with a funky piano player perform the second. I never liked the song "Holly Holy" by Neil Diamond, but these young guys seem to really jazz it up!

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Mildly Diverting: Supper With The Stars

Mildly Diverting: Supper With The Stars

I like this quote:

"If and when I have a thought, and have ten minutes in the office, I might write mildly diverting thoughts here: about new media in real life, about the web, about the future. But mostly, I think, I'll just wiffle about nothing."

I rarely seem to have a thought in the office. But if ever I do, I may blog about something as well.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Betty Cuniberti says: Ladies want a look at Mickey Rooney's softer side

STLtoday - Life & Style - Columnists

She has some good points, like why can we watch people eat maggots on Fear Factor, but a commercial that shows someone's derriere for half a second is too risque?

I'd rather see a bare behind, even an 84-year-old man's bare behind, than even think about eating a bunch of maggots.

Your thoughts?