Saturday, October 28, 2006

work release - governor's mansion

work release
Originally uploaded by bfelice.

more ghoulish sights from the mansion.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Temple Sunset

temple sunset
Originally uploaded by Sara Heinrichs (awfulsara).

The photographer, Sara Heinrichs, says:

Riding back to the guesthouse on my rented bicycle from a day of exploring and photography when the sky turned amazing colors. Stopped and hustled off the road to these, the nearest temples, set the camera on a low wall, & took this shot.

This photo is one of many great shots in her photoset those you like best. Sara includes in that set her photos that have been "faved" by 50 or more people. Every one of them is well worth viewing.

I don't have any photos on flickr faved by that many people, but I do have quite a few that at least one person marked as a favorite. Many of these "faved" photgraphs must hold some kind of significance to the person doing the "faving" that I cannot fathom. Maybe the subject matter reminds the person of her childhood, or the favoriter used to work down the street from the old shack in my photo.

Of all my photos (over 24,000 so far), this one has been favorited the most:

diner stools

Just wait till I get time to scan in all my old photos from my days of taking film shots. Most of my photos on Flickr are from June 2005 up to the present time, and shot with a little digital camera with only 1.3 megapixels. The quality of the images ranges from decent to pretty awful. I rarely delete anything, but I certainly don't expect anyone to look at my entire ouvre. I put lots of my photos into sets, so that you can click on a set that looks like it might interest you and see all the photos in thumbnail view. If they don't look interesting enough to click on individually, you've at least seen a little overview of what I took.

I will take a photo of just about anything except roadkill or other dead animals. Unless the dead animal is cooked for food. I take lots of photos of buildings, skies, and things that look interesting or strange to me. Lately the majority of my pictures are taken from the car.

I could spend hours on the website. There are all kinds of pictures, groups of photos, and discussions of photos, it would take several lifetimes to check it all out. I wish I had the time to work at my real job, sing in the choir, do my radio show, add things to this blog, take photos, hang out with my friends and family, get enough sleep, and still have the time to browse around on the Flickr site.