Thursday, June 16, 2005

Unbridled versus Restrained

Unbridled versus Restrained
Originally uploaded by bikeracer.

The photographer says:

"Originally entered into DPChallenge Opposites and earned 1st place!

This was one horrific storm. I drove through it for roughly 40 miles and there were hundreds if not thousands of strikes during my drive. Lightning was hitting in front of me, to either side, behind me and above me, I honestly thought I might die that night.

Anyway, after what seemed like hours I managed to get out from under the storm. I pulled over in a rest stop and set up. At first I did it hand held, figuring it would be a cool effect. Those didn't look to great, so I set up the tripod.

So, was I lucky? To come out alive, for sure! To get the shot that won? Definitely. But, I was luckiest to get to experience that storm and have the luxury of pointing my camera where ever I pleased and to know I would capture lightning in a bottle."

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