Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Quickie IQ Test

Basil of Basil's Blog is a genius. He took this 16 question "IQ" test and got branded a genius in all four of the categories. So did Hans and a bunch of other people, who also got a score of 140. I did pretty well on the test, though not as well as they did:

Your IQ Is 120

Your Logical Intelligence is Exceptional
Your Verbal Intelligence is Genius
Your Mathematical Intelligence is Exceptional
Your General Knowledge is Above Average

I'm happy that I got "genius" status in Verbal Intelligence – yippee!! I still think the scoring underestimated my overall intelligence, but what the heck. Maybe I am getting less intelligent with old age. And my weakness was general knowledge, rather than any of the so-called kinds of "intelligence" so maybe I’m just forgetting whatever it is I may have known in the past, but (I hope) not losing my abilities. I have, in fact, lost my ability to type as well as I used to. I have never been dyslexic, but am becoming a "dyslexic" typist, making the kinds of typos where the letters are typed in the wrong order, or erroneously typing the letter on the other side of the keyboard, like 'k' for 'd' to give one example. And since I like to have everything spelled correctly, it takes me an age to get a little blog post up.


basil said...

I've been experiencing the same thing as you in regards to typing. I'm not sure if it's because I'm growing older, or if I'm spoiled by Microsoft Word's "AutoCorrect" feature, or what, but I find myself reversing letters all the time. It becomes an issue when I'm not using Word -- like right now.

Oh, and by the way, I know what my IQ really is. And it is less than 140. I am not a genius.

SJ said...

I wonder if this dyslexia thing IS an aging issue?!?! I, too, am troubled by it - and so is my water brother, Randy. Neither of us ever had this problem until recently. I've noticed I even do it in analog writing - yesterday, I wrote a customer's phone number down and completely garbled the last 4 digits. Didn't realize it until I tried to dial it, and got a wrong number. Interesting fodder for a sci-fi short story ...

MB said...

I think some of my coworkers think that I'm a doddering old fool, because my job title was "Clerk-Typist" before they changed all of us to "Office Support Assistant - Keyboarding", but my typing "skills" (which were marginal at the best of times) are now about par with a two-fingered typist. I spell-check all my emails before sending, not because I have any doubts about how to spell most things, but because I make so many typos.

Basil, I do think Auto-Correct can spoil us somewhat, but I'd be even slower without it fixing all my "teh" and "becuase" to the proper spellings.

SJ, I too am starting to dyslexically hand write things as well. But it started with the typing. If I'm not using Auto-Correct, I usually notice it (sometimes my fingers already know, and sometimes I have to look) so that I go back and correct myself. But now that my eyesight is getting worse, I may not notice some things. And my hearing is getting worse too. My coworkers hate when I take a phone message and I say, "I think the person's name was Leo" and it was really Cleo and I've reversed the last two numerals in the phone number.

SJ, I'll leave it to you to start working on the sci-fi story. I think it would take me 20 years to type it!