Thursday, June 16, 2005

High Heels and Handbag (red & blue on white)

High Heels and Handbag
Originally uploaded by Reggio.

I like this photo. What else can I say?

Part of the Shoes photo pool on flickr.


Skinny Jeff said...

I love the pictures in your blog. They are fantastic!

MB said...

Thanks, Jeff. I spend more time than I ought to, browsing at for photos that I like to look at, and then putting them on this blog and another of my blogs, MB's Blogalicious. I used to also use but lately it seems to load a lot slower for surfing, giving me lots of error messages when I use my iMac, and some of the buzznet photos quit showing up on my blog, though they're still on the buzznet site.

When I get my scanner working, I've got tons of photos of my own to start putting here too. Since I've set such high standards with other folks' photos, I've got a hard act to follow!