Saturday, June 25, 2005

caddy fin - high contrast

caddy fin - high contrast
Originally uploaded by MBK.

I took this picture at the St. Louis PrideFest in Tower Grove Park.

More of PrideFest. Click on the post's title to see cars photos.


SJ said...

Great shot, MB! I'm really enjoying your photos over on Flickr.

Hey, the Zombie Touille didn't offend you, did it?

MB said...

SJ, calling Touille a zombie is one of the nicer things she's been called! My friend SS calls her "your little ugly dog"; sometimes people walking by will say "just give me a bun and some mustard so I can have a snack." I used to call her Flea Bait when I first got her and she infested the whole apartment with biting insects.

Isn't Flickr a fun place? Since Beth gave me her old digital camera (my old film camera has gone kaput) I have been wildly taking photos of all kinds of things. I like your shoe photos!