Friday, May 20, 2005

KOGI and WEL: Today's Walk

KOGI and WEL Today's Walk
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These two Corgis, Kogi and Wel, are just about the cutest things on four legs. Here are some more photos of them.

Of course my own dog, Touille, who has her own blog, is the cutest of all. But Kogi and Wel are extremely photogenic.

Why don't I have more photos of Touille up on the flickr website? Well, most of my photos are the old-fashioned kind, made with film and printed out on Kodak paper. And I can't get my scanner to work. The iMac doesn't recognize it. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers several times. My good friend has offered to come by and help me with it, but the house needs to have several boxes and bags of stuff, junk, and detrius removed so that there is a bigger trail to the computer. There's only room for one person to sit in front of it now. If Touille were any bigger than a minute, there would be no room for her and me both in this one bedroom apartment.

Why do I have all this junk? That may have to be the topic of another post. This one was supposed to be about the cuteness of Welsh Corgi dogs. And of my Touille dog as well.

Touille and I walked today also. We didn't have the nice pavement to sit on like Kogi and Wel do in the photo. But we did see a dead bird lying on the sidewalk. And some really nice flowers and trees. I guess you have to take the bitter with the sweet.

Touille sleeps
Originally uploaded by MBK.

My friend Amy took this photo of Touiile. I'd been trying for years to catch her sleeping, but every time I aimed the camera at her, she opened her eyes and sat up. I think Touille must have been really exhausted the day that Amy got her with her eyes closed.


luckyno3 said...

Thank you for spotting KOGI and WEL here.
I am excited and happy to find this entry to your blog.
I hope your scanner will be fixed and we will be able to enjoy photos of the cute Touille on Flickr.

o'eo said...

cute picture! I keep trying to get a sleeping picture of my cat and she keeps waking up also.