Friday, May 27, 2005

Daylilies Decimated by Evil Troll Children

Sunburst Tiger Lily
Originally uploaded by !ºrobodot.

Last year I bought some lilies and some daylilies from the plant store. I like to put perenniels in my garden space, because they are fairly low maintenance, and because the space I use is not really my property; it's just an area in front of the building where I rent an apartment.

I was enjoying the sight each day of the greenery growing taller, and the flower buds forming on the plants.

Then, one day, the lilies had no buds. The decapitated plants were still growing, but the buds were lying separately on the ground.

The next day, all the daylily stems were broken about six inches from the budding ends.

I have no proof, but I blame the Evil Troll Children, AKA the Neighbor's Kids. I will not name names here, just in case my neighbor reads this blog, but I wish I had some kind of Troll Catcher or Troll Repellent to keep these Children out of my flowers. Now I shall have to wait till next year to see these lilies. Or look at photos of them.

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