Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Aberdeen Graveyard

Tartan Day Gathering of the Blogs

Gathering of the blogs

Absinthe & Cookies
The Country Pundit
Not Exactly Rocket Science
Lintefiniel Musing
The Pirate's Blog
Ninjababe's Ramble
Margi Lowry *dot* com
Miasmatic Review
A Celt
Misplaced Keys
Mixolydian Mode
Bobo Blogger
The Bull Speaks!t
Frizzen Sparks
Llama Butchers
Jenna Thomas-McKie
Physics Geek
Daily Vegetable
Aaron's cc
Boudicca's Voice
MB's Blogasm
Blackfive - The Paratrooper of Love
Swanky Conservative
MB's Blogalicious
Doggie's Blog
The Gun Line
Grim's Hall
Laughing Wolf
Villainous Company
Straight White Guy
Abraca Pocus

A Gathering 2005 post

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Tinker said...

you know this graveyard picture reminds me of my freshman year in college. to get aroudn tonw there was a bus line that would take us students out to the mall which was about 30 minutes away by bus. the stop was right next to the oldest cemetary in the city. i used to get to the bus stop about an hour early so that i could visit all the tomb stones and do grave etchings. some of the names and dates and markers were beautiful. plus it was amazing to see that life span of children was very short and adults were mych shorter thatn what it is today. cool picture! thanks for taking me back in time!