Friday, March 18, 2005

The Most Annoying Phrases, Jargon, & Mispronunciations

Rachel's list of the Most Annoying Phrases, Jargon, & Mispronunciations includes lots that are on my list also. But she left out George Dubya's "NUK-you-ler" !

The list is almost a year old, but W's been saying that for the longest!


Gail said...

MB, Don't you think Dub's doing it on purpose? I think it's to get under people's skin.

MB said...

Gail, I wish I thought he was doing it on purpose. But I hear lots of folks pronouncing it the same wrong way, so I think it's become endemic in the USA to "mispronounciate" many fairly common words.

I've also heard "housepital" for hospital, "crouch" for crotch (and vice versa), and too many more to think of right now. But the Dubya "nuk-you-lar" I've even heard from many well-educated people. I heard my mom (college grad) and my sister (PhD in math) both say it the "Dubya way"! This was quite distressing to me!