Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Easter Egg Hunt

egg hunt3
Originally uploaded by Art Ascii (Paul).

I really like the angle of this photo. And the colors, and the subject matter. I didn't get any Cadbury Eggs this year, but I'll see if they still have them in the stores.


O'EO said...

Easter is not easter without a cadbury creme egg. I eat one every easter...just one.

decopuss said...

hello there. I happened to google the title of my blog (Koroviev's Stunts) and found that you're linking to it. I was just curious to know how you found it? Thanks anyway!

MB said...

Decopuss (Koroviev's Stunts),
I think your blog was linked to by someone else's, but whose I can't think of right now! If I can ever reconstruct the train through the blogosphere that led me to you, I'll let you know!

decopuss said...

Not to worry - must have been A Strange Kind of Madness I reckon - that's the only place I know of that links to it. Thanks for reading!