Thursday, February 24, 2005

Steven Rubio's Online Life: the 365 days project

Steven Rubio's Online Life: the 365 days project

Steven says a couple of his favorites from the early entries on the 365 Days Project are "I'm A Mormon" followed by "Understanding Marx."

One of my favorites from the period of February 16-28 is a really out of tune, out of any KEY version of "Up, Up and Away" which is so wrong it has its own charm. Give it a listen and see what you think.

The Myron Floren "Disco Polka" is an accordion gem.

The entire listing of entries is here:

Some of my other favorites: "Christmas on the Moon" (in March 1-15) and the Singing Mariners "Holly Holy" (November 16-30). A little kid sings the first one, and a chorus of young men along with a funky piano player perform the second. I never liked the song "Holly Holy" by Neil Diamond, but these young guys seem to really jazz it up!

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kim said...


Not just linkage and praise, but a tip of the hat to 365 days. I agree, Disco Accordion is a thing of genius.

We like you. Write more. :-)