Monday, June 06, 2005

Image Meme from Suburban Blight (updated to add SHOES! and favorite number)

On The Fritz did it. So did Manic Viking. And AAYOR at Advice at your own risk. Also Cheeky Prof, and lots of other folks in the blogosphere.

update: more who got in on the action:

(Nobody tagged me to do it, I just liked it and chose to participate.)

Here are the instructions:


Search for: Place you grew up. Place you live now. Your name. Your Grandmother’s name. Your favorite food. Your favorite drink. Your favorite song. Your favorite smell. added: favorite shoes. favorite number

Then post the first or your favorite result for each.

Some of the bloggers told you what words they searched on, and some wanted you to guess.

So here are mine (I used my favorites, never did like the first result):

I grew up in Memphis, Tennessee. This picture appealed to me more than the photos of Elvis Presley's mansion, although we did drive right by Graceland every Sunday on our way to church:


Where I live now. This house is typical of the St. Louis architecture:

St. Louis, Missouri

I liked this image best for my name. I had to go a couple of pages:

Marjorie Stave, artist

My grandmother's name was Katherine. She was a vaudeville dancer in her younger days. This image reminds me of her:

Katherine Taylor

It's hard to pick just one favorite food. I love coffee ice cream:

coffee ice cream

I chose a Margarita for my favorite drink:


How could anyone pick one favorite song? But this is one of my favorites, Ubi Caritas as arranged by Maurice Durufle:

Ubi Caritas

Now this may seem odd for a favorite smell. But when I was a kid, I loved dolls. And new dolls smelled like vinyl, the way a new vinyl shower curtain smells. When I googled "new vinyl shower curtain" this was one of the first images. It doesn't make me think of dolls or shower curtains at all, but it has its own appeal:

new vinyl shower curtain - WHY?

And when SJ did it, she added a couple that weren't in the ones I saw first; namely "SHOES"! I googled "red shoes" since I've had several favorite pairs of red shoes. I liked the combo of the red with the black and white in this photo of Shari's shoes:

red shoes

SJ also added her favorite number, seven. SJ, you may not believe this, but seven has always been my favorite number also. And by sheer coincidence, my waitress number when I worked at Flaming Pit Restaurant was 7. Then when I joined the Cathedral Choir many years later, my music folder number was (and is) number 7. I didn't pick these numbers, they happened to be available in both instances. If I were a person who plays the lottery, I guess I'd be picking that good ol' number seven all the time. My google search brought up several pictures of Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine, who is my favorite Star Trek character. So I picked this really hot image of her:


This has gotta be the most fun I've had with a meme.


alaja moon said...

Fun idea! Come over to my blog to see what I come up with. :-)

Nice artwork...a pleasure for the eyes.

alaja moon

MB said...

I'm eager to see what you find! And I hear you about spam blogs. I found some real doozies. I think that the blogger spam blogs are so numerous because you can set one up so easily for nothing out of pocket. I blogged about the spam blogs myself awhile ago.

Cheeky Prof said...

Mmmm. Must. Get. Margarita. Now.

SJ said...

OK, MB, I'm gonna steal another idea from you! No, wait, this is a meme, so I can just say I'm jumping on the bandwagon. I'll be doing mine tomorrow. Of course, I'll have to add two more items to the list to make it ten. But check out Chronic Listaholic tomorrow night to see mine!

A. J. Franklin said...

Cute ;-)

SJ said...

MB, that picture of Seven of Nine was also MY choice until I decided I had to go with the chakras!!! I LOVE The Borg!

MB said...

SJ, those chakras are really nice in a spiritual sort of way. Seven of Nine is so carnal looking, and so coldly analytical the way she thinks and speaks. The number seven does seem to be a spiritual number, but I just felt like going the other way!

Pryncess Kat said...

When I get time I'm gonna do that search thing! Right now, though, I'm sending out thank you comments....Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment!

I hope you'll come back for another visit sometime! I'll definitely be adding your blog to my faves.