Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Listaholics Unite!

See SJ's lists:

I like making lists too. If you don't, maybe you won't see the charm and utter necessity of SJ's compulsion. Each list has 10 items. Why ten? But if you start to make a "top ten" list and only come up with seven items, or can't whittle it down from 16 things, you sort of feel like a failure at your list-making.

I've been working on a list of 10 which I'll post here if I finally get the tenth item.

Here's what I'm trying to get the tenth item for:

"Things that I've done that you probably haven't"

Elisabeth (Random Firing of synapses) came up with the idea first (I think):

Then came Jo:

and Charlie:

and I happened upon it through Steven's blog:

Well, the original blogger just said, "THINGS I've done that you probably haven't," but there were ten things on the list and everyone else had ten. So should I just post my list of nine things, or would that be somehow incomplete?

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SJ said...

MB, many thanks for the shoutout! I love your blog on blogs, and I am about to email you my nomination for a title. It's yet another word I made up myself (but hey, EVERY word was originally made up by SOMEBODY!).
I made my lists limited to 10 to make myself STOP. Otherwise, I'd have 115 Best Leftovers To Find In The Fridge (eeaauuww). Like my T-shirts say, it's a compulsion I'm obsessed with.